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Fund to repair physical and mental damage

Injuries from beauty treatments can affect not only the physical appearance of the victim, but their confidence and mental health as well. It is not unusual for victims of botched non- surgical treatments to suffer from depression, anxiety and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Claiming compensation can help fund treatment to repair the physical and mental damage that you have suffered, and pay for any lost wages and/or opportunities due to the negligent treatment you have received

What if beauty treatment goes wrong

We give you a personal injury advice on making a claim for a Beauty Treatment which has gone wrong and we will stay with you from start to finish. It is important you seek immediate advice for injuries suffered as a result of Beauty treatments gone wrong to ensure you get the right advice & support.

Types Of Beauty Treatment Injuries:-

Chemical burns and infections
Allergic reaction, rashes, blemishes
Eye infections
Swelling or irritation
Eyelashes falling out
Loss of hair
Loss or damage to nails
Beauty Salon Treatment Compensation
Burns Due To Chemical Peels
Bikini Line Injuries Due To Waxing
Injuries Due To Laser Hair Removal
Burns Due To Hair Dyes
Injuries Due To Semi-Permanent Makeup
Injuries Due To Eyelash Extension Or Dyeing
Beauty Salon Treatment Compensation
surgical treatments
Non surgical treatment
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